5 Results Oriented Content Strategies for 2021
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5 Results Oriented Content Strategies for 2021

1. Infographics

Infographics are a great form of link-bait that also have the potential to go viral, making it both a scalable traffic strategy and one that also generates high quality links along the way.

It has been a popular strategy for the last few years now, with image sharing social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram giving the content forms lots of energy to draw traffic.

Cheat sheets and step-by-step guides or story-based how-to guides are both perfectly suited for an infographic, giving users a fun content-rich format to understand and most-importantly share your information.

2. Expert Interviews

Podcasting is becoming a very popular channel and expert interviews on podcasts like Joe Rogan are receiving millions of visitors and making millions of dollars. However, podcasts aren’t the only great platform to host interviews. Q and A or Interview type articles are also an excellent and easily digestible format for viewers to get an insight into the minds of experts.

Interviewing someone famous also let’s you boost your own platform off of their following and add authority to your site.

3. “How To” Guides

People go to search engines for very specific needs. With the most common being to search “how to” solve a specific problem they have.

This is why “how to” guides are the most popular format of article on the web. They provide solutions to these problems and rank highly because of it.

They also follow the listicle format. An easy to understand step-by-step format that can be skim read before reading the whole thing, giving readers an idea of what they’re investing their time in before doing so.

4. Supporting Charts and Graphs

The content that works best is content that is easily digestible and easy to understand. One of the best ways to make content easy to understand is through visuals.

You also want your content to be memorable. Research has found that 60% of readers can remember content that has been enhanced through added visuals.

This makes it clear that if you want to get the most from your content, you want to include visuals to support it.

Graphs and charts are the best forms of visuals because they represent data. This has the secondary benefit of backing up your articles with facts and proving that you’re a reliable and well researched source of information.

If you provide content through multiple formats (text and graphics) and convey yourself as an authority by including a chart or a graph in your article, your article should rank better and you’ll find more visitors turn into followers or subscribers.

5. Free Course or eBook

Want to show your viewers you know what you’re talking about? Offering a free course or e-book has multiple benefits:

  • It’s highly marketable as it offers great value while being free
  • It demonstrates your knowledge in a particular area while passing on that knowledge to your viewers
  • It costs you nothing but your time to produce

But in order to get this marketing drive and generate an ROI from your efforts you need to make sure your book or course does on thing: Your offer needs to address a pain point your audience has and promise to solve it.

Once you’ve identified a problem your audience has and it’s solution all you have to do is put it in words (and hopefully a few images too).

Once you’ve created your course or eBook make sure you promote your fabulous offer through your email list and social media channels so as many people as possible know about the free balue they can receive.

Encourage your network to share the value with others! And watch your audience grow.

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