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I’m Alex Taylor, a Content Marketer.

About Me

My passions are Creative Writing, Copywriting and Blogging. I consider these disciplines an art and myself it’s student, always looking to improve. I’m obsessed with making each writing project better than my last and start each new project with asking why.


Great content should be at the heart of every business. Unique, Informative and Relevant content creates engagement with consumers and forms business relationships.


Extend your business reach through Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and great Copywriting for conversions. I take the time to understand your business and determine the best marketing approach.


Connect to your customers through powerful content that reflects their interests and matches your business goals. I believe that content is king, and has the power to create customers out of every prospect.

Brand Voice

Success in today’s market requires differentiation. In a competitive world, fostering a strong brand gives people trust in who you are and what you can do for them.

My Work

Skills and Passions

I invest a lot of time and energy to keep my writing and copywriting skills ahead of the competition, to give myself and my clients a competitive advantage in the online space. Using these skills and a deep understanding of my client’s business and industry, I create custom Content Strategies that deliver a great return on investment.

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Work Experience

WebGrowth / 2016 – 2021

Marketing and Design Agency focused on the web and helping clients grow all aspects of their business online.

OnlineIncome / 2017 – 2021

Online Community and Blog dedicated to individuals looking to make money online, through both active and passive means, and connecting to people with similar interests.

GetGreatness / 2017 – 2021

Personal Development blog focused on helping others achieve greatness through motivation and self help articles, and the sharing of inspirational quotes.

WealthierYou / 2019 – 2021

Startup and business blog for indiduals looking to start their own business and companies looking for business advice.


My portfolio crosses every facet of Content Marketing and Branding.

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Get help from an experienced expert! Contact me at contact@webgrowth.com or use the available form to find out how I can help grow your business.