Alex Taylor
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What is Content Marketing?

I'm sure you've heard the word before. My website mentions it many times because it's what we do. But what is it? What is Content Marketing? As appropriate when looking for a clear definition, let's turn to the Oxford: "A type of marketing that involves the creation...

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How to Fix Your Content Pipeline

Creating and distributing content sounds simple at first…. But just wait until you’ve done it. Even with a detailed content strategy, the multi-layered nature of a well designed content pipeline only works like a well-oiled machine if everyone follows processes correctly, and every part of the...

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Why Content is Still King

Content Marketing is without a doubt still one of the best forms of Digital Marketing in today's online marketplace. Why? Because other forms of Marketing are forced, disruptive. But with Content Marketing, the audience want's to come to you. It's voluntary, it's inbound. And it makes it...

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