My Process
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My Process

As a full-service Content Marketing Agency, we handle everything from Content Creation and Planning, to a complete Content Strategy over time
First Step

Research & Analyze

Just like Sherlock Holmes, our process involves a little detective work. We gather clues on your competition, analyse your brand, identify your target audience, and compile all the information relevant to your business. With these findings, we’ll discuss all the information with you, and using your valuable input move on to the next step of creating concepts and writing a draft.

Second Step

Concept & Draft

This is where we roll up our sleeves and put pen to paper. We’ll sit down with you to discuss exactly what our goals for the article are, and exploring many different angles of attack, come up with the best headline, ideas and expression that suits your brand.

Third Step

Creation & Branding

It’s time to turn our uncut gem into a diamond. With your approval of my rough draft, I’ll polish the article until it shines and is ready for publishing. Just like a master gemcutter, I take complete pride in my work and won’t be satisfied until your article turns heads and attracts eyeballs.

Fourth Step

Publish & Grow

With the article hot off the press, it’s time to publish it and watch the magic happen. Publish your new article to your blog and promote it to your email list and social media channels. Sit back and watch the power of words as your professional written article creates exposure and business growth.